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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Moving to a different blog site....

Hi everyone...we are trying a new blog site...which we will update in a more timely manner...also you can check our latest reported position which we update via ham radio email...please go to:


Moving On....2016...

As the beautiful days slip past this blog seems to take the last place on the to-do list.
So, time to catch up!
We gathered the garden together in Peck Lake and began the southern trek through the ICW
to Lake Worth where George spent time repairing the water pump.
A couple days enjoying the beautiful sunsets
Then an evening departure through the Lake Worth inlet 
into the Atlantic Ocean
where the sunsets are just as beautiful.
After all night at the helm, good morning Miami!
A few hours of well deserved sleep after anchoring safely
Lots of tour boats in Miami Harbor.  This was my favorite!
The further south we go the crazier we get.
Or maybe Miami does this to us.
Well rested with morning coffee in hand
and Gracie in good hands we motor from the harbor
with destination being the mooring field at Dinner Cay adjacent to the sailing club.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

On Our Way, Finally

Our seven to ten day stay moored at 
Sunset Bay was so enjoyable 
that we extended our time there
 to almost five weeks.
There were potlucks on the dock

with the best of chefs, 
George and Harvey.

Great friends from the past visiting for lunch.

Welcome Aboard!

An enjoyable afternoon with Gabby and Moe.

Carrying a purse 
while climbing in and out of a dinghy
 is like an accident waiting to happen.
So, my sweet sister, Kathie,
 sent me a pretty pink backpack.
  I love it!

Having no vehicle, we rode the little bus, 
provided by the Marina,
 to complete our shopping.
Here is George loading our final purchases.

The last week was spent finishing projects
 like canning verde sauce.
I cut the ingredients

and George does the canning!

WaLa! This should last a day or two.

There were inquiries about 
nautical themed jewelry, 
so, I took over the table for a jewelry bench.

A seashell from the Atlantic Beach 
becomes a pendant set in gold.

Sterling sailboat earrings.

A gold fouled anchor 
with a sterling rope

A sterling mermaid pendant,

and gold free form heart earrings.
Can't go wrong with hearts!
A display of original jewelry 
is now offered in the Marina Gift shop.

Our Fish Friend says
 we have been here too long 
and it is time to get under way.

One more evening on Gracie
 entertaining our special friends,
Ron and Carol,

having a healthy dinner of garbanzo burgers.
They were a hit! 

Blowing of the conch

for our final (for now) sunset at
Sunset Bay Marina.

Here we go through the draw bridges 
and under the Roosevelt Bridge.

Captain George at the wheel 
keeping Gracie on course.

The wind in our faces 
is as good as motorcycle riding.

And the wind direction
 is good for sailing.

We have arrived at Peck Lake
 where the water is clean!

And the coconut scavenging 
is wonderful.

The milk to mix with rum
 and the meat to grate and roast.
Good in many dishes.  Yum yum!

A couple of days spent
 giving Gracie a much needed bath.

Can you see the osprey?
 An afternoon watching a pair fly,
 bathe in the lake and play together.
Now they are enhancing their nest
 for their spring family.
Always appreciate the small miracles
 that Mother Nature allows us to observe.

We weren't ready for the large wake 
created by an inconsiderate speeding boater.
Here is the fishing gear, drawers and 
part of the library on the port side floor.

Most of the scattered items
 that tumbled to the galley floor
 retained their lids, 
except for the powdered chocolate.  
The good part is that
 the boat smelled like brownies
 for the rest of the day.

Continuing to pick on the mandolin
even though advancement is 
very slow, the time is enjoyable.
Our last evening at Peck Lake.

On the water way again 
motoring south against the wind.

 Through a few draw bridges along the way.

Now we are at anchor
 looking at the West Palm Beach skyline.

A busy harbor
 with many container ships and cruise ships 
which are able to continue on their way
 through the daily electrical storms
and wind gales.
 Not sure when we will be able to continue south.

However even adverse conditions
 have their good points.

Till next time . . .